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October 18 – 20, 2017

“When I look back on my life, I believe I’ll be most proud of the ‘work’ I’ve done within my family. The Front Row Dads retreat has unquestionably helped me be a better father and husband, which in the end will help every generation of Elrods for years to come.”

— Hal Elrod, Father of 2

“I came to this dad’s retreat knowing that being a better dad was important. What I left with was entirely unexpected. I not only became a better dad but a better husband and a better man. This event changed my life, I can’t wait for the 2017 retreats!”

— John Ruhlin, Father of 3

Here’s a Peek into our Front Row Dads Retreat Adventure

(Agenda is Ever Evolving)

Wednesday, Oct 18th

  • Afternoon Arrival – Hotel Paradox
  • Group Dinner
  • Element of Surprise (Beach Location)
  • Fireside Chat

Thursday, Oct 19th

  • Optional Morning Workout
  • Redwoods Adventure
  • Dad Talks, Reflection & Sharing
  • Group Dinner
  • Fireside Chat

Friday, Oct 20th

  • Optional Morning Workout
  • Dad Masterclass
  • Front Row Dad Action Plan

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$2,000 one time

4 Payments

$500 each

If registered by September 10th, REGISTER NOW $2,000 OR 4 PAYMENTS OF $500
After September 11th registration increases to $2,250.


Q: What types of things are discussed at the Front Row Dads Retreat?
  • Spouse & Partner Dynamics
  • Money Issues
  • Family Adventures & Experiences
  • Discipline
  • Patience & Communication
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Habits, Rituals & Routines
Q: What is the purpose of the Front Row Dads retreat?

A: To bring together Dads who want to connect and create a brotherhood; to share strategies for family success; to deepen their sense of purpose as fathers; to increase confidence through knowledge; to expand their impact with their spouses and children.

Q:  What is the event flow and feel?  

A:  A balanced approach of great speakers, shared best practices, meaningful conversation, epic stories, time to reflect, calendar planning and action steps. Each retreat is a unique adventure and life-changing experience, for Front Row Dads and ultimately, their families.

Q:  When did this all begin?

A:  In the fall of 2016, 35 Dads got together in Philadelphia with the purpose of becoming better Dads.  We decided to keep it going with two “invite only” retreats per year.  Out of 365 days, our Dads, who often travel a good bit already, believe in the value of spending 2% of their year, choosing to unite and grow as family men, so when we return home, we’re more connected than ever before.

This Retreat is for Dads that… 

  • Understand the benefit of working “on their family” versus “in their family”
  • Want to help other Dads by sharing their best ideas
  • Bring a genuine curiosity to learn from others
  • Appreciate unique adventures, meaningful conversations, and powerful relationships
  • Value having “Corner Men” to help patch you up when life punches you in the face

Our Retreat is NOT for Dads that… 

  • Are unwilling to share failures, struggles, and their honest goals
  • Want silver bullet solutions and who refuse to put in the work
  • Are afraid to have honest dialogue about important issues