Dad’s Retreat

Join a brotherhood of like-hearted dads
Learn strategies for optimum family success
Deepen your sense of purpose as a father

Fall Retreat Oct 18th-20th

Meet Some of the Front Row Dads…

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    Jon Berghoff

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Why am I doing this?

A few years ago, someone asked, “What do you do Jon?” I replied, “I’m a speaker, coach, and founder of Front Row Foundation.”   Then I paused…

Wait… let me try that again… “I’m a father and husband, and when I’m not doing that, I speak, coach, etc.” Parenting wasn’t something I did when I was off work. It was my primary work.

I used to have folders on my desktop for every area of my life and business, but nothing for my family.  I wasn’t approaching what I felt was a critical mission with the same intensity that I approached everything else — my business, charity, fitness, finances, etc.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve invested huge to grow personally and professionally. My first big investment was $10,000 in 2003 to train with Tony Robbins.  I recently invested $18,000 to take my speaking business to the next level.

But, what about my kids?  I’ve spent lots of money on our home, food, trips, etc… Yeah, I’ve invested for sure.


When I started investing in books and coaches to help me be a better parent, I saw an immediate result.

But something was still missing. It was the immersion experience. I’ve learned over the years, that I often get more from a 3-day live event, than working on something for 2 hours each month over the year. Personally, I love learning in live environments with other like-minded people.

Recently, I invested $8,000 to be part of Mastermind Talks. It’s 150 incredible people. The value is in the relationships formed with awesome people.

Aside from the incredible benefits of spending 3 days with world-class people, here’s are some of things we’ll dig into at the event:


What are the strategies for honest conversations around the most difficult topics?   How can we connect deeply and be influential?


How to be patient, and in control when you’re pushed to the max.  How to remain present, thoughtful and consistent.


Where’s the sweet spot in work/family life? How do they blend? Travel, late nights, weekends, activities.


What are the best ways to approach holistic wellness in order to have the energy to fulfill our mission? How can we design the healthiest habits and build an environment to support them?


What are your family values and how are you communicating them? How can we create well-rounded, worldly, courageous and grateful kids?


How we can demonstrate love, communication and collaboration?  How can we lift up our #1 teammate?   How can we align for power?  How do you deal with mixed/blended families?


How to select the right school/education strategy? What should we be doing at home? How to manage the Internet? How much should we monitor/limit screentime?


How to balance being tough with accepting; discipline with freedom?  What are healthy ways to set and keep boundaries?


Morning/evening, sports, hobbies, video games and all the craziness with our busy schedules. Where should we be consistent versus flexible?


What are the most valuable experiences every child should have? What memories do we want them to have? Family traditions?


How do we create healthy belief systems? What should be earned, given, saved, etc? When/how can we teach principles today that allow them to flourish financially later in life?

Life After Kids

For some in the group, they’re curious about transitioning out of raising kids to supporting the adults they ultimately become. How can you navigate these changes with your spouse? How do you redefine life, discover a new identity and do your best parenting work still?

This event will have Dads with more experience and offer some council to newer dads, AND… Newer Dads will help more seasoned Dads get perspective on what’s important to the younger generation.  It’s valuable to see things from all angels.

The purpose and goal of this event, is to facilitate an experience with good guys, who would value and add value to discussion around best practices in fatherhood.

I don’t know of a single event that helps Dads thrive in the way that I want to.  We’re making that event here, for the first time ever.

We will create a space for exploring questions, issues and opportunities to maximize one of our greatest callings.  This group will leave with an expanded support network and game-plan for parenting success.

**Many in the group are already epic fathers.  None of us are ever done learning, and sometimes the best dads are the ones still interested in improving.

2017 Fall Retreat!

Fall 2017 – Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, CA Oct 18th-20th

For a moment, lets talk ROI. We know ROI in our businesses. It’s essential. I want you get a huge ROI for your family after attending this event.

It’s also key to consider COI. “Cost of Inaction”… which is what happens when we wait too long to put time, energy, and resources into the places/people that matter most.

I want this investment to be worth 10x your investment of time, energy and money. We won’t settle for anything less.

My simple goal is that each attendee walks away saying, “I can’t imagine not having attended this.”

I want it to help change your family’s life forever.

PS. This is not a marriage, financial, or personal growth workshop but may involve discussions around them as it pertains to parenting.   Also, I’m not a parenting pro, but I may involve some in the retreat.  I’m passionate about our mission as dads, I know how to run killer events and I want to unite awesome guys to share, strategize and ultimately kick some parenting ass.