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#71: Saving the World Through Upcycling with Matt Duncan

What if there was a way to collectively decrease our ecological footprint while also educating kids for generations to come? During today’s show, Matt Duncan shares his inspiring vision for how we can begin to think differently about the environment and the resources we use on a daily basis. Matt Duncan, MAEd is an outdoor …


#70: Visioning Strategies, Costa Rica Dreaming & Self-Publishing Success with Author Justin Ledford

What is your vision for making your dreams come true? During today’s show, Justin Ledford shares his powerful step-by-step approach to creating a compelling vision and being intentional about stepping up and accomplishing your biggest goals. Justin has achieved high levels of success in 4 different industries before the age of 30. He is a …


#69: Relationships Built Through Adventure, eCommerce, and Journaling with Brad Weimert

What are your core values?  In this episode, we have adventurer and entrepreneur Brad Weimert, talking about being deliberate with your path, making value-based decisions, and finding fulfillment in what you do. My buddy Brad developed his entrepreneurial and marketing spirit from some incredibly rich life experiences. At the age of 20, Brad began breaking …


#68: Beyond Freedom and Perform Beyond Your Perceived Limits with Former Navy Seal Eric Davis

Who do you ultimately want to become in this life? Are you making the most of every moment? Are you willing to do anything in order to pursue your biggest goals? Today I’m talking with former Navy SEAL Eric Davis, who believes freedom is the weakest goal you can have. As he puts it, “It’s …


#67: Overcoming Defeat & Finishing Strong with Ironman Drew Frank

How do you react when you come face-to-face with the most challenging moments of your life? Today I’m talking with my long-time friend Drew Frank, who is here to share his process for overcoming defeat and conquering big challenges! Today, Drew leads one of the most successful sales teams for CUTCO Cutlery. His team is …


#66: Mental Resiliency, Loving Lag Time & Front Row Poetry with Author Jenna Bayne

What bold move can you make today? What does “being yourself 100%” look like? What would life be like if you focused on your value, rather than your flaws? What if you could appreciate what you have before you you strive to get more? In this episode, I’m talking with one-of-a-kind author, Life Strategist and …


#65: Saying Yes & Getting a Jump Start on Your Best Year Ever with Josh Painter

When was the last time you said no to something you felt was undeserving of your time? Have you ever thought of what might happen if you said YES more often? On this episode, I’m talking with Josh Painter, a Front Row Foundation donor whose experience saying yes completely changed the trajectory of his entire …


#64: Becoming What You Think You Are with Darvece Monson

Can you think of the most difficult time in your life and how you were able to battle through that hardship?  How did that shape the person you are today?  Who are you really, and are you acting accordingly?  In what ways can you step up in life and BE who you really are? Today’s …


#63: Success Through Failure with Wrestling Champ Jim Harshaw

How do you see failure?  When is the last time you failed big and what did you learn from it? Have some of your greatest lessons throughout life come from failing?  Has your greatest growth come via your greatest struggle? Robert F. Kennedy said  “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” …


#62: Hitting Deadlines, Full Surrender & A Little Grace with Stephen Scoggins

Have you ever felt that fully surrendering is THE key to making massive progress in your life?   My friend Stephen Scoggins has a story of surrender that will light you up today. While sleeping in his car (that’s right, he was homeless) Stephen started Custom Home Exteriors, which is now a multi-million dollar business. He’s …

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